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The weather


The weather in Mallorca is characterised by being that of a Mediterranean climate with gentle temperatures. The rain is concentrated particularly in the autumn.

The average annual temperature oscillates between 18 and 20 degrees centigrade. In summer maximum temperatures reach between 29 and 33 degrees. The minimum temperature at night during the winter is approximately between 5 and 9 degrees.

Sporadic, more extreme temperatures of, for example, over 36 degrees or two degrees below zero can occur in both winter and summer.

In relation to annual rainfall in Mallorca, this depends on where on the island you are located, the greater part of the island receives between 460 and 670 cubic metres of rain during the year.

Precipitations are more common in the autumn, specifically between the months of September and November, with some 40% of the annual rainfall concentrated within this period. 25% of the rain falls in the spring, between March and May, another 25% in the winter, between December and February and the remaining 10% at some point of the summer, between June and August.

Rainfall on the island is irregular, depending on the season and your location on the island. It must be noted that rain on the island is torrential in nature, and the rainfall of a couple of months can fall within just a few days.

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